Demons & Demos Updated

A couple of years ago I started compiling a decent amount of recordings that, though weren’t officially released on an album, still held a special place in my heart. I titled the project “Demons & Demos.” It’s basically a collection of songs, demos, and rarities that I thought would be neat to share if anyone had the interest to dive into some Mayland oddities.  The cool thing about this project is that since it’s online I can continue to update the album whenever I want. You never know what you’re going to find in cyber-space, which is fun, surprising, and sometimes a little scary.  I recently added four “new” tracks to the project: This Mess (piano/faux strings), Here We Are, Happy Hour Stitches, and Heart Beats Demo. If you follow the link to the individual tracks you can read a bit more about the songs.  It’s a fun little trip down memory lane for me, and I hope you find some of it interesting.

Also, if you haven’t had an opportunity to check out the new Electronidoll album, here are some links to stream it! SPOTIFY. APPLE MUSIC. BANDCAMP. I’m pretty stoked with how it turned out and it would mean a lot to me if you jammed it soon!

Here are some extra points too! (Extra Points = Things I’m into recently.)

  1. “Machina” by The Smashing Pumpkins. I absolutely love the texture, heaviness, and lushness of this album. I’m really excited to hear what Billy Corgan is putting together for the re-release of this unfinished gem. Stand Inside Your Love is one of the most moving love songs of all time, in my opinion. I have been cranking this album at full volume recently.
  2. Kidding on Showtime. Jim Carrey gives a career defining performance in this 10 episode series. The show has many tender, horrific, and magical moments throughout its duration. It’s quite moving. The whole cast and ensemble create something new, contemplative, and special.
  3. Sandwiches. I love sandwiches. I have frequented The Library on University recently a bit. They certainly have the best Reuben in town that I have found. Plus, their other selections are quite excellent and affordable! I stopped by one of my favorite Ames spots a couple weeks ago, Downtown Deli, and I was not disappointed. I can honestly say it’s probably my favorite turkey sandwich and it was an awesome treat during a long day on the road. I went with the pan roasted turkey on wheat, warmed up with provolone, with lettuce, black olives, onion, a little honey mustard, and a touch of oil & vinegar.   True perfection. Also, being on the road, I’m often left with needing a quick fix for food. My favorite gas-station sandwiches (and pizza for that matter) have come from Casey’s General Store. Haven’t gone wrong with a classic turkey or the Italian, which has a bit more kick to it.
  4. PS4. Yes, I recently purchased a used PS4 with a few games included and set-up a little game zone in the Birdroom. It’s actually been a nice stress reliever. I have been playing Destiny 2 with some online pals and also have started up Battlefront II, which as a big Star Wars nerd, has been really fun. Instead of starting up a new song late at night or creating new beats to who knows what, it’s been a nice change to dive into a fantasy world and get lost a little.

Jordan M.

Demons & Demos

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