2-19-19 Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
I feel like I’ve gotten back into the swing of mixing and finishing up some recording projects. I’m currently cutting away the fat from about 25 tunes and have tentative plans to put out a 12 song solo album this year.  In fact, the songs are all mostly recorded, but it’s easy to put things on the back-burner when something new sparks.  A lot of the songs were recorded at different spaces like my old apartment,  the music studio I used to work at, and now all culminating at home at Birdroom Studio.  All engineered by yours truly, so expect some eclectic and colorful tunes sometime! I plan on releasing most of the songs that don’t make the cut to the ever-growing Demons & Demos online album and then moving onto a batch of four songs for a new EP idea. Nonetheless, solo album on the way!

IN OTHER AWESOME NEW MUSIC NEWS, Volcano Boys have gotten our mixes back from Kevin Neal at Redd No. 7 Studio recently. The recordings sound excellent and we’re pumped to show things off after mastering is complete. Kevin has given awesome detail to the project and things sound just super. We’re probably waiting to play a lot shows again until we have something new to share, so we’re looking forward to finalizing things and getting our new album out!

TiRES will play our first show in 9 months again April 14th. It will be a blast to get together with the guys and do what we do best. We’ll be playing the Vaudeville Mews with Unwed Sailor and YMIR.  More details on the Vaudeville Mews website.

Favorite Current Shows: House and The Orville. Lindsay and I are finishing up the last season of House, a show we both liked but had never kept up with. It’s been a great ride! No spoilers please. I have come to really enjoy all things Seth Macfarlane has done, and though The Orville is based as a comedy they definitely hit on some contemplative topics, and I really like the way it comes together. Plus I’m a nerd and watched Star Trek: The Next Generation growing up, and this is a real fun continuation of that style. The music is great too.

Currently Listening to: The Smashing Pumpkins Gish Vinyl Remaster.

Destiny 2 Character Light Level
: 586.

Favorite Recent Foods:
Anything Mexican. We have found our new favorite local Mexican restaurant in Viva Mexican Restaurant.  The California Burrito is my fav, but all of their burritos are pretty big and excellent. Plus they include bean dip with your chips and salsa. Always nice service. We also do a lot of home made taco nights at home too and I have become pretty obsessed with salsa verde as well recently.

Recent Trips: Lindsay and I had an excellent trip to New York in January for her good friend’s wedding. We took some extra time to hit up as much as we could in Manhattan, including a tour of 30 Rockefeller and a comedy show at the Ed Sullivan Theatre/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but there was no Late Show that evening. It was still crazy to be surrounded by such a huge entertainment history. I also took in a scenic view at The Empire State Building! It was pretty windy and cold, but I was pretty amped up to be up there. Fun Times!

TiRES   Handing Off the Egg
Volcano Boys  Lonely Ghost (single)
Electronidoll  e-doll

All music should be available on Spotify, itunes, and your other favorite streaming services.  Check it out if you can!


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