Volcano Boys

Volcano Boys is a rock band that started around 2011, doing practices at The Duff House, where I lived in Ames, Iowa. My housemate, Erik Knudtson, played bass, while Keepers of the Carpet guitarist, Eric Moffitt, played guitar, and our good friend, Trent Derby, played drums. Trent and I had talked for years about doing a serious rock project and Erik K had a pretty decent recording set-up, so we were able to demo and record a decent amount of material in those days. Though, the plan was to use those recordings as a full album, that idea was scrapped after Erik K moved out of town and my other housemate and current V-boys bassist, Tom Reneker, jumped in on bass and it’s been us four since. The first official Volcano Boys song to be released was “Little Girl” from the Sonic Harvest Iowa Compilation in 2012. In 2014 we released our first full length album. The album was recorded at Redd No. 7 Studios by Kevin Neal and then mixed by Ian Williams at Wabi Sound. We have an EP that we recorded with Kevin again, ready to be mixed. I’m excited to share the next chapter in Volcano Boys as soon as we can! Listen HERE!

Little Village Album Review

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