Electronidoll – “e-doll” album release!

I’m pretty darn excited to have this album out into the world! Electronidoll is a project I have shared with my great friend and college roomie Aaron Knight for many years. When I started writing beats and experimenting with new formulas after getting my home recording rig sorted out, I sort of fell into a synth-wave groove, and though I ended up recording multiple instrumental songs and jams on my own I couldn’t help but be most excited to share the tracks with Aaron specifically. So we got together a few times this summer and had some super fun vocal sessions to officially brand it as Electronidoll as I continued whittling away on the album in the Birdroom on my own time. Actually, many of the songs were realized after experimenting in a drum program. On previous albums we had only used loops from keyboard drum samples and then manipulated them from that point on. This was the first time I had programmed my own electronic drum parts and most of the beats were named after House of Cards characters, as I was binge watching it pretty intensely during that time. “Zoe” carried the name onto the album while other drum parts, such as “Stamper,” turned into “So I’m Told.”

I am very grateful to Phil Young, who not only mastered the album, but helped me get my drum program running on my computer and helped sort things out on the technical side of recording. Plus, a big thank you to my good buddy Justin Stoner for building my recording computer and getting me ready to go. While Electronidoll has had some fun experiences playing live, incorporating Trent Derby on E-Drums, Eric Moffitt on guitar, and Tyler Smith on guitar, I believe this album won’t be played live (for now). This was mostly just a fun artistic endeavor for myself, so I hope you guys crank it up at some parties, bike rides, work outs, or wherever you listen to music. “E-Doll” is available on all streaming sources, such as Spotify and Apple Music, and available for purchase on itunes and bandcamp…so PUMP IT UP and thanks for listening!

e-doll cover 3

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