A mostly instrumental band, TiRES is experimental electronic noise that is pounding, driven, and chaotic. Tires was originally a batch of songs that my housemate, Phil Young, was working on. At some point he asked me to lay down some drum tracks over his electro-rock music he had been creating and recording. The songs were really cool and different than the music I had been a part of before. Our first official show was at Maximum Ames Music Festival in 2011 with Xui Xui. We owe a lot to our close friends and Nate Logsdon for encouraging us to make this a live band instead of just a recording project. We later added Chris Marshall on drums. I had to miss a show and Chris filled in on drums for me, but I ended up making the gig. I brought my synth on-stage and ad-libbed most of the parts that evening while Chris stayed on drums. That show definitely changed things. We continued to play shows and release tape EP’s as a three-piece and went on a fantastic two week East-Coast tour in late 2012. We later added Cory Wendel on bass, and though there have been some rotating members the definitive group has seemed to be Jordan, Phil, Chris, and Cory throughout the last few years. We recorded our first full length at Flat Black Studios, outside of Iowa City, and it was released in early 2017. (Spoiler Alert) TiRES has been recording and plan on releasing new material in the near future. Find the music HERE or check out the albums below.

Tires LP1

Tires Handing

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