October/New Tunes/Rainy Vibes/Extra Points

What’s new!? A lot of busy gigs and new music for me…Since the Keepers of the Carpet mega show in Buffalo Center in August, which really was an incredible experience, I’ve stayed busy writing and performing with a few bands while trying to finish mixes at home of solo material and the new Electronidoll album.  E-Doll is ALMOST finished and mixed. In fact, we put out a fun video of our tune “DX” just a couple months ago. Check it out HERE or at the bottom of the page! There are some fun ideas floating around on how to release it. It would be a big process trying to do things live again, especially with these new tunes, but I’m game to throw my synths on stage and at least have a good time to celebrate the release. For now check out the new vid, or download the tunes DX or The Knight King from the new upcoming album for free.

I’m always excited and grateful to be invited to play Maximum Ames Festival. It really was an important event to the music and art scene in Ames when it started.  I’ve played some unforgettable gigs there with some true legends, friends, and bands. Plus the Nova Labs/Awesome People of Ames did a wonderful job carrying on the festival tradition with the same encouraging and loving vibes of years past.  This year both Volcano Boys and The Wheelers played different nights. I’ve been focusing in on my guitar tone with new pedals and tweaks to my amp, so it’s been a blast to turn things up and work out new tunes with V-Boys recently.  We demoed a few tunes at my home studio and I’m pretty excited with what we’ve put together. I have a lot of new riffs I’m hoping to throw into the mix while we continue moving forward writing. We also now have a name to our upcoming EP that’s in the mixing process and our next gig is a Halloween Costume show at the Gas Lamp 10/26. Come get weird with us!

Speaking of weird in a good way,  The Wheelers have been working on some new tunes as well, and we’re all really into the oddness, direction, and concept of things right now.  Great to be able to play drums more again too and come into things from a different angle than I’m used to.

I’ve updated my Shows Page with a few upcoming gigs, so check that out along with the new Electronidoll stuff if you get a chance, and I hope everyone reading has a good day and we can get some Fall weather that’s not complete gloomy rain! I want to get out on my bike a couple more times before it gets TOO COLD!

Also…recent favorites for EXTRA POINTS!
Favorite Beer: Miller Lite. Less calories and I feel better than terrible the next day.
Favorite Snack: Pumpkin Fluff. My wife makes a sweet fall dish that involves cool whip and graham crackers.
Favorite Cat: Harvey Kitty Forever
Favorite Album: Turn On The Bright Lights, Interpol
Favorite TV Show: I just finished Breaking Bad for the 3rd or 4th time, so I’m trying out Better Call Saul. It’s no BB, but it’s a nice time being back in that world and much better than expected.  Also, my WB Superhero shows are back. I have a song called “Oliver” recorded and ready for my upcoming solo album.
Favorite Podcast: WTF will always be my #1 goto and it’s what I’m excited to listen to on my weekly drives to the Uptempo instrument repair tech across the state, but I’m really into Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum and Anna Faris is Unqualified.



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