New House, New Job, & Shows!

Hey! It’s been a minute since I have been able to sit down and catch everybody up on what’s happening. The title says it all…a lot of new chapters have recently started up for me.  Lindsay and I have moved into our first house! It’s crazy being a homeowner and I’m so thankful I get to share the experience and home with my awesome wife. We had some great pals swoop in and save the day when it came to the big move. Getting the heavy stuff in with their help was a huge relief and it’s been fun slowly getting things set up…like INTERNET! Harvey is so excited he’s barely slept. The new Birdroom Studio is coming along well in the basement. I’ll soon move my drums in and I know I’ll be recording soon after the other million things are checked off our list.

After nine years of teaching music I decided that it was time for me to move on to something new and I am very excited about my new career change. I am proud to say that I am the new School Representative for Uptempo Music! It’s a position that I am enjoying getting to know better and I’m excited about the opportunity for growth. Uptempo is a locally owned music store in the Beaverdale neighborhood of Des Moines (and quite close to our new house!) My position entails keeping in contact with area school band directors and discussing instrument options for students new to band. I also help out in the store and I’m on the road a bit too picking up and delivering instruments.  That being said, I am opening up a few hours a week for private music lessons at Uptempo as well. Email me at if you or someone you know would be interested. Check out the Uptempo page and like us on facebook and instagram if you have a moment. Yours truly is running the social media, so give us some love.

In band news TiRES just released our new EP “Handing Off The Egg” and we played some great shows in support of it. Check it out here! We have a show or so coming up that I’m pretty amped on.

Volcano Boys are back and I’m super excited about the shows we recently played, mixing our EP, and now continuing to write new music together as a band. Mixing starts in late May and I’m hoping we have something to share mid to late summer. Our next show is a great local rocker at the Yacht Club 6/20 with Greg Wheeler & the Polygamist Mall Cops and Blood Spell.

There’s also some fun news on Keepers of the Carpet I’ll be sharing soon, I’m finishing up recording my new solo album and the new Electronidoll EP, and I’m playing a couple solo sets coming up soon! 5/11 I’m in Ames for the Foodies and Brew event at the airport, and 5/18 I’ll be opening for Josh Rouse at the Vaudeville Mews.

ALSO, all of my solo albums and Volcano Boys music are all on itunes, spotify, amazon and everywhere you stream or purchase music, so check it out if you have a moment!

Thanks for reading, and May the 4th be with you!


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