New Electronidoll, Solo Shows, & Volcano Boys!

I had mentioned before in a couple of posts how I have been busy polishing some new stuff at my home studio, The Birdroom, so I’m super excited to have finally released something from the new Electronidoll album! The song “The Knight King” is up and free for download! I’ve had a real fun time writing drum beats and getting weird and synthy with these tunes. I’m still finishing up a few things on the full Edoll album, but I do expect to release it within a few months. Can’t say if we’ll do any shows around it. It’s a little bit of an ordeal to pull off live and I’m just stoked about the art of the recordings themselves. Download “The Knight King” now!

Volcano Boys have recently been roused from our slumbers and plan on doing some fun things in the hopeful near future. We have acquired some new help and I’m very excited about our possibilities coming up. I spent a couple of days mixing the newest release for Volcano Boys with Phil Young last week as well. The tune is called “Lonely Ghost,” and I think it’s a really cool departure from our last album. The song is from a weekend session Vboys did with Kevin Neal at Redd No. 7 Studio in April of 2016 for our new EP. We got a bunch done that weekend and this will be the first song to come out from those sessions, so it’s pretty exciting to hear things come to life again!

Also, I have a few solo shows coming up in February that I hope to see some friendly faces at. Looking forward to playing Twisted Vine in Des Moines for the first time Feb 7th & then I’ll be heading up North to Mason City to play Fat Hill Brewery again on Feb 24th. Both events are Free and you can find more info by clicking the links or going to my Upcoming Shows page!




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