“Handing Off The Egg” and the Return of Volcano Boys!

Long time, no blogging. Fun and exciting things around the bend! I’m very much looking forward to Spring. TiRES has shared our new EP “Handing Off The Egg” and it’s available for download/pre-order/stream at www.tiresband.com!  This was a fun collaborative effort that happened rather quickly for us band members. We’re excited to celebrate the new music at our release show 4/20 at the Vaudeville Mews, while the next night we’ll be at the Uncertainty Festival in Ames! Since we’ve incorporated the drummer from the recording sessions, Joryn Brown, it’s opened up more synthesizer and guitar options for me for these shows. It’s been fun switching it up and experimenting with multiple synths and effect pedals. It’s probably too much, but it’s fun..

I have been super stoked to finally get Volcano Boys back together! Not only have we booked a couple of shows, we have started working on some new material AND introduced our new guitarist, Chris Marshall! Chris has been a great friend of mine for some time. We have played in TiRES together for five years, he took over drum duties during a Nuclear Rodeo revamp a couple of years ago, and he’s just a great dude. Chris has taken over for our old friend, Eric Moffitt, who moved to Colorado last year. As far as I’m concerned Eric is certainly invited back to play with V-Boys whenever he wants. It will probably just be tough to make our weekly Thursday night practices work in his schedule >;-D

Our first V-Boy show back will be 3/23 at Gas Lamp, and we’re terribly excited to play the historic Codfish Hallow Season Opener 4/7 with The Nadas, Twins, Prime Movers, and our old pals reuniting for the evening The Poison Control Center! Once these shows are done I really look forward to getting our last EP out into the world and continue working on new music..which I have a lot of.

In other news, The Wheelers continue to work out some new material at our chill fun practices. I am finishing up recording/mixing the new Electronidoll EP and a solo album I have been doing at home in my free time.

I’ll be at Fat Hill Brewery March 31st for a solo show in Mason City. Looking forward to better weather for this one!

Also! My wife and I are buying a house(!) so I’m very much looking forward to having more space to record and write. The move is in late April so I’m going to do my best to finish the Edoll album by then because I’ll certainly be taking a break from music for a little while. So exciting!

Check out the Upcoming Shows page for all mentioned gigs!

Tires EGG

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