Year Review & Looking Forward

2017! What a year. While the people of the world look at each other with conflicted and confused expressions, I am happy I had music to put myself into. I’m grateful for my family, my wife, my friends, and my bands to make life enjoyable and interesting. Looking back at this year I realize how many shows, practices, and releases I was lucky to be a part of. Early in the year TiRES released our first full length vinyl album. This was special because we just weren’t sure what our future looked like a few of years ago. I’m glad I got to share the stage multiple times with my good friends in support of our music. So many fun shows, a lot of hours on the road, fun practices, and now anticipation for our next release, an EP we hope to have out in early Spring. Plus, I made this fun Music Video documenting our good times on the road. We also made Daytrotter‘s Top 100 Songs of the Year! Check out our album and the video!

 Jordan Mayland & The Thermal Detonators finally were able to release our full length as a full band. I’m relieved and happy that through the 5+ years we’ve been playing music together we finally got our album out that represents us as a full band. Thanks to Bryon Dudley and Nova Labs for recording and releasing the album “This Mess.”  Also, check out the videos to “It Don’t Make Any Sense” and “Please, Comfort Me” that I put together this year as well! Cheers to my bandmates!

The Wheelers have been back together writing and jamming new material. I’m excited to see what will happen with our efforts in 2018. The new stuff is interesting and groovy. It was nice to drop our EP online that we’ve had recorded for some time. It was like shedding our old skin in order to move in this new direction! Check out the EP “Vacation.”

I didn’t see this coming, but Keepers of the Carpet reunited for a one off show in celebration of the Vaudeville Mews 15 Year Anniversary. It was a special day practicing and an awesome night rocking the Mews.  I’ll try to post some video links from the show online soon!

It looks like the plan is to get the new Volcano Boys EP out that we started a couple of years ago. Very much looking forward to getting together with Vboys and re-introducing ourselves into the Des Moines music scene!

Lastly, I have been recording a lot at home this last year. I have a solo album and an Electronidoll album that I’m working on finishing up soon that I’ve been obsessing about for a while. I have really been able to experiment with writing beats and creating fun tunes, but it seems every time I start wrapping up on things I start recording a new song, so I need to pull the trigger and make these things happen!

Oh, yeah…I also graduated college this year!  CUI! CUI! May your glory never die!

Thanks to all of the venues for having me and my bands. Thanks to those who picked up an album, listened to it online, or played it on the radio. Special thanks to Iowa Public Radio for their support of the Iowa music scene. Cheers to you all!


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