New album, “The Color Of My Soul” out August 25th!

I’m so excited to share my new album, The Color Of My Soul!  The plan is to have a little virtual party about it Tuesday August 25th, at 7:00.  Check out that ZOOM LINK HERE or at the bottom of the page, and I might try using the FACEBOOK EVENT live video option as well.  Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to seeing some friends and for people to check out the new album.

Which started out as testing out a very minimal recording set-up in an extra bedroom, to bringing that recording rig into a music studio during Spring Break, to moving into our new house and setting up my home studio, to where Birdroom Studio is sitting now with many more tonal options…it truly is a good representation of who I am, my different and sometimes manic changes of musical styles and genres, and simply shares the color of my soul.

Before I get into the details of the album and release party I’d like to thank a few people here.  First of all, thanks to Phil Young for always being my recording guru, borrowing me tons of wonderful recording gear, mastering the album (and about everything else I do), and for being a great friend and collaborator.  I wouldn’t be able to put myself into my music without your help throughout the years!

Thanks to my friend, Ben Shin, for putting the album cover together with me.  Years ago Ben was sharing some drafts he had been sketching online and not only did I really like his work but it was really in the vein of what I envisioned when thinking about a cover for these tunes early on.  I got the first draft back earlier this Summer and immediately knew it was the right choice for the album.  Ben, it’s been very nice catching up with you recently on phone calls where we might chat about the actual art for a few minutes out of the hour long chats.  Check out Ben Shin’s instagram page and art HERE!

Thanks to my buddy Justin Stoner for building me my recording computer and making it such a beast.  When I finished a recording session at Ankeny School of Performing Arts, a music studio I was working at then, I shared a few tunes with Justin and his wife, Ashley.  As we were blabbing over the music Justin honed in on the track “Where I Would Go” and said, “Now, THOSE are good sounding drums!”  At that point I was only using two microphones on each instrument: an MXL ribbon mic somewhat close to the kick, and an AKG214 as an overhead. For a few tunes on that session I pushed the little Art-tube pre-amp I was using on the overhead quite a bit.  I chuckled as I did it, but I still think those drums are pretty neat sounding.

Also, thanks to Greg McLain-Meister for listening to the album pre-mixed and coming up with a groovy flowing track-list for things.  I appreciate you taking the time to really dig into the tunes, the lyrics, and the general vibe of the album. Now I owe YOU one!

Special thanks to my wife for supporting my passion for music and being pretty darn cool about recording sound, late night mixes, and hearing the same part of the same song almost as many times as I have.  Love you, Lindsay and Harvey!

Well, I’ve actually talked a lot about the process of recording the album in my thank you’s, and I’ll definitely chat more about the twelve tunes during the virtual listening party.  Feel free to share the zoom link to the party, come ready to party or just hang to listen, bring headphones, your own snacks and drinks, and let’s have a fun time!

The Color Of My Soul Album Release Virtual Party Zoom Video Link:

New album artwork

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  1. […] The title track, “The Plan,” I released early with two version; the proper 7:47 version, and the 4:21 single version. I think people really dug the tune, but I honestly think the full EP didn’t get the attention I thought it would. It probably has a lot to due with energy running low and it’s an odd thing to try to promote yourself. I’m much more interested/involved in the art, the process, and the final product…that’s the important thing to me. But, of course, it’s nice to share that and have folks listen. The Plan is streaming on Spotify, Apple, or on my Bandcamp page. *PLUG*…hey you came to my website ;). It was released August 28th, 2021, almost exactly a year from my album, The Color Of My Soul. […]


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