Keepers of the Carpet Reunion Show, Night of the Living Dead Moines, & More!

The last few weeks have been pretty exciting. The big news recently is that my first band Keepers of the Carpet will be reuniting for the Vaudeville Mews 15 Year Anniversary Party December 2nd! The plan is that we’ll be splitting up the set to do material from the early days of KotC and another part of the set we’ll be playing songs from “Jet Set Fire to the Prize.” Members from both incarnations will be rocking that night and I’m really excited to not only do the show, but to see old pals again.  The night should be a blast as the whole line up sounds exciting. Both The Autumn Project & Wolves in the Attic are getting back together as well, plus sets from D.O.P.E. Clique, Ramona and the Sometimes & Pennyhawk!

But before I flip over to Keepers mode, I’m studying up on a bunch of Beatles songs, as my dudes in Volcano Boys (+ Kevin Neal) are doing a Beatles tribute set October 28th at Wooly’s for Night of the Living Dead Moines. We did a Beatles set a couple of years ago and now we’ve added a few more songs that I’m pretty excited about. I’ll be doing my best screamin’ Paul impression! Plus others groups will be playing CCR with a few other surprises that evening.

In other news, I continue work on recording a bunch of songs at home. It’s been a blessing to be able to plug in and experiment on something new, throw down on synths at midnight, and just create at home in the Birdroom. Big thanks to Justin Stoner and Phil Young for their expertise in computers and recording. I’m chipping away at the stone on a few projects and will get to releasing something fun in the future.

I had a great time at Fat Hill Brewing a couple weeks ago. Saw some family and old friends, plus I really enjoyed their beer! I’ll be at the Chapman House for the first time this Sunday, October 22nd, to share a gig with Nova Labs on their tour, and then October 28th is the big Beatles gig for Night of the Living Dead Moines. Those are my only two gigs until mid-November, when TiRES share the stage at the Vaudeville Mews with Easy Fruit and Bernie the Wolf.  For all gigs and shows I’m playing check out the Upcoming Shows page!  Hope to see some of you out soon! Find Keepers of the Carpet on Spotify, download our albums on our Bandcamp, and check out The Wheelers new EP we Beyonced a few weeks ago.


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